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How to Write an Analytical Essay

An ability to write a quality, well-structured, and organized analytical paper is one of the basic skills every student needs. Once you know how to create an excellent analytical text, you will have no problems with other types of academic assignments. Even if you are the one, who keeps asking fellow students, “Will you help me do my homework?” you have a chance to develop essential writing skills and become a pro.
An analytical essay is a type of academic papers, the main purpose of which is to present a certain fact and provide its all-rounded analysis. Striving to create quality work, the student should be aware of the topic, come up with the outline, thesis statement, and main paragraphs. Examples and illustrations are inevitable parts of the paper, which help the author to prove his/her point of view. The student should remember that the main purpose of this type of essay is not to summarize known facts but make their profound analysis.
Most commonly, the analytical paper is assigned by the college teachers, who want to encourage students to think, compare, research, and analyze things. The task of the student is to learn the topic and introduce all the advantages and disadvantages of the given problem. The aim of the essay is to provide an extended analysis of the issue, mentioning the slightest details and specifications of the topic.
Students, who need to write a quality analytical essay, but lack experience, should follow simple and easy-to-follow instruction. Make sure your paper is well-structured and written in accordance with the requirements of the teacher.


No matter if you need to write a perfect analytical essay for your literature class or science lesson, it is essential to formulate the topic in the right way. The first impression of your paper is made from the very first page. Consult your teacher or professor to create an exciting and catching title for your work.


The primary purpose of the student writing an analytical essay is to provide readers with as much information on the topic, as possible. However, when it comes to a thesis statement, it should never be general. Specify your point of view and give a clear idea of the position you will defend in the paper. Take on a specific stance to sound persuasive and be influential.


Before you start working on the analytical paper, it is essential to come up with its outline. Divide the topic into several sub themes and create an extended outline, which will help you keep track of the topic and forget nothing. A well-organized outline is a halfway to logical and well-build analytical work.


When you are done with the introductory passage, you can proceed to the main body. Start with the general sentences that will introduce your main ideas. On average, an analytical essay contains 3-5 paragraphs that start with the claim, followed by supporting evidence and a tie. Include clear and relevant examples that will strengthen your viewpoint.


When it comes to the end of the analytical paper, the student should remember about transition words that will logically lead to the conclusion. The aim of the last part is to generalize and summarize the ideas mentioned in the body and repeat the thesis statement. Do not introduce new concepts or thoughts, but rather recollect the mentioned ones.