Less is not anymore

Famous author Catherine Pulsifer

With your entire focus on your goal, you will reach levels of achievement that you never thought possible. This quote was said by the famous author Catherine Pulsifer which turns out to be true for scientists studying the Philaes discoveries in space. In 2014, scientists sent off a small probe called the Philae lander into space to bring back material from comets and the solar system. The information brought back would undoubtedly be important to scientific research. The Philae mission was important for scientific research because it gave important information about comets, it will help continue research comets, and it gives information about the solar system.

First, the Philae mission was important for scientific research because it gave important information about comets. The Philae mission occurred mostly to give lots of information back to researchers to learn more about comets. For example, in paragraph 2 of passage 1, it states, "This mission could give researchers valuable information about the origins of our solar system and how it evolved."(Keady, 2). This evidence shows that the Philae mission will give invaluable information about how the solar system evolved in which scientists can use to figure out features about the solar system and comets for further research. Also in paragraph 10 of passage 2, it states "Philae may even get to observe gases or other matter emerging from underground as the comet heats to scorching temperatures."(Yeager, 10). The Philae mission is also able to observe other important characteristics of comets and their different aspects, that would be very useful in the scientist's journey to learn more about comets. Furthermore, the evidence shows how the Philae can withstand some dreadful conditions which are important for the Philae to help obtain different observations of comets.

Next, the Philae mission was important for scientific research because it gives ancient information about the solar system. During the Philae mission, it not only obtained information about comets but also information about our solar system. For example, in paragraph 5 of passage 1, it states " It could reveal secrets about the makeup of comets, the formation of our solar system, and even the origins of life."(Keager, 5). This evidence explains how the Philae mission will be able to extend the information about the solar system and find new important information about comets. These things could be like as the evidence says, its makeup and other info. Also, it will be able to reveal secrets and expand scientific research about these characteristics of space which show how important the Philae really is to their research. Additionally, in paragraph 8 of passage 2, it states, " By studying these hunks of rock, dust and ice, scientists hope to better understand the early history of the solar system -- including Earth’s early years."(Yeager, 8). The evidence explains how scientists will be able to use the research that will hopefully be found by the Philae mission to uncover information about the earth during early times from the comets and rubble that the Philae brings back from the mission. It will also bring about things from the solar system that were so far unrevealed before the Philae mission.