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Civilized vs Savages

Which leader best suited a leadership style in civilized humanity? What is a leader, a leader, is someone who helps other people, and themselves and is the person is in charge? A leader is someone who leads their friends to survival or to win he makes sure everyone is on the same page. The novel Lord Of The Flies that is written by William Golding shows different leadership. Throughout the novel, there are major changes in the story about Leadership and power. When these change the island turns into a whole different island. An example is when Ralph had been leading the crew near the start of the book the island was a civilized and everything was going well everyone wanted Ralph. “Ralph, Ralph let him be chief with the trumpet thing.” (Pg 19). Then where did Ralph take over the leadership in the middle of the book? When Ralph told him to split up and go hunt and keep the fire going. This is when people see Jack have leadership because he was only a leader for the Hunters. After he had killed the pig everything on the island changed and his mind just went into a state of savagery. Also, everyone on the island was happy after they had eaten that pig because the only thing they were eating was fruits and thing they could find on trees. So after this had happened they showed more trust and loyalty to Jack since he’s the one that had captured it and their moods had changed from Ralph to Jack. So Later in the novel, Jack made a name for his group of friends called “Castle Rock” Which had made only Piggy and Ralph that had not joined because they did not like Jack leaderships styles. Lord Of The Flies shows that there are two different leadership styles and it compares to how the government used to be and how the government is now. Jacks side is the old government and Ralph is the newer government and throughout the story, we see the two different leadership styles and maybe if you count in Piggy.
So to start The first main leadership style seen in Lord Of The Flies is Ralph. His leadership style represents the newer government how they are more caring gives people places to live and they did vote for Ralph anyways. Characters in the novel think their leaders and try to act as their own but Ralph is the only one who was actually elected as the chief. Another reason that Ralph represents a newer government is that his friends all have a decision to decide and make their own decision and speak for themselves with the conch shell which brings a great rule of law. Going back to the conch shell Ralph uses it for a way to express everyone's emotion and uses it for a way of power. Thus, I think Ralph has a better leadership style because it is a very important symbol and significant. It is important because Ralph first uses this when he blows furiously into it to make a loud sound to call everyone that was on the island to meet with each other. Throughout the novel We see Ralph make new rules, and he would pass the conch down to everyone so they get their word and this represents the newer government because everyone has a chance to speak. Next is piggy he also demonstrates a shadow of the newer government and rather like an assistant to the leader of the group. He always gives Ralph good advice, so whenever Ralph feels down and thinks he doesn't have power over people piggy always tells him to advise and hope that he can do it. An example that I can give is when they set the Fire on the hill/mountain we see Piggy tells everyone how the little guy was in the forest when the fire had happened performing insight and help that he might have been burned. In my opinion, this makes Piggy a really good leader if he was by himself because he is really intelligent and he makes his own decisions that are amazing ideas. Also, he makes Great and thorough ideas for other people to an example of this is when piggy tells the crew to make something called a sundial, which is in chapter 4 (PG 67 Pg 68) But no one listens to him because they want to make fun of him how he is physically fit.