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Romeo and Juliet is an intriguing tragedy

Romeo and Juliet is an intriguing tragedy written by William Shakespeare that tells the story of two ‘star crossed lovers’ who die at the hands of love. From this death raises the question if the death was fate, their own willfulness, or just an accident. There is no doubt that their deaths were both fate and their own will as there is plenty of evidence to prove that it was no accident.
Romeo and Juliet’s death was a product of their own will.

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Civilized vs Savages

Which leader best suited a leadership style in civilized humanity? What is a leader, a leader, is someone who helps other people, and themselves and is the person is in charge? A leader is someone who leads their friends to survival or to win he makes sure everyone is on the same page. The novel Lord Of The Flies that is written by William Golding shows different leadership. Throughout the novel, there are major changes in the story about Leadership and power. When these change the island turns into a whole different island. An example is when Ralph had been leading the crew near the start of the book the island was a civilized and everything was going well everyone wanted Ralph.

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Famous author Catherine Pulsifer

With your entire focus on your goal, you will reach levels of achievement that you never thought possible. This quote was said by the famous author Catherine Pulsifer which turns out to be true for scientists studying the Philaes discoveries in space. In 2014, scientists sent off a small probe called the Philae lander into space to bring back material from comets and the solar system. The information brought back would undoubtedly be important to scientific research. The Philae mission was important for scientific research because it gave important information about comets, it will help continue research comets, and it gives information about the solar system.

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